I am an Android developer with interests in different fields as well. I've started learning Android in 2013 and have been involved in various projects since.

NOS (Dutch Broadcast Foundation)

Employment Period
Full-time June 2017 - now

NOS app

As an Android developer at NOS I mainly work on the NOS app. During my time here I've developed the initial instant app. I've shared my experience in a Medium article.

Jeugdjournaal app

The Jeugdjournaal app is a kids version of the NOS app. Work on this app is secondary but I've worked on a major redesign in the summer of 2019.

Scrum master

During my time working here I've done a Scrum master training and succesfully gotten my PSM-1 certificate in february 2020.


Employment Period
Full-time March 2016 - April 2017
Part-time February 2014 - February 2015


At Oberon I've worked on a number of different projects. Projects I've had a role in are the following:

Next to these bigger projects, I've also done other work:

  • T-Mobile smartwatch
  • A whitepaper on features in Android 7 and iOS 10 (dutch)
  • The set up of virtualised internal servers and office VPN
  • Setting up monthly app developer meetings at Oberon
  • A role in security/server team

Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA)

Program Informatics - Software engineer
Period September 2011 - September 2016
Minor Premaster - Software Engineering at UvA
Internships Oberon and Deloitte
Graduate project Merchant

Graduate project: Merchant

Merchant is a location based game that was originally developed in 2010. Throughout the years the game was only available on iOS. As a graduate project I've developed the android version using LibGDX and added a small smartwatch app to the game. The Android version is currently only in beta.

Career timeline

Year Notable accomplishments
2011 Started bachelors degree informatics (Software engineering)
2012 Second year, various school projects
2013 Third year, Internship at Oberon
2014 Pre-master Software engineer at UvA, part time job at Oberon
2015 Graduate internship at Deloitte and at Oberon
2016 Full time job march 2016 at Oberon, Graduated with bachelors degree
2017 Started Full time job at NOS, Worked on the NOS Instant app
2018 Worked on various NOS apps ( Jeugdjournaal, Teletekst, NOS) Including WK and OS events
2019 Worked on NOS apps, Notably a Jeugdjournaal redesign