Day 1-2: Departing

So I woke up early, and headed to the airport and arrived at about 10. My flight was at 14:30 so we had some time to kill. Luckily I brought my portable chess set and we played a game or 2. After finally boarding the airplane, it was delayed for an hour.

The flight itself however wasn't too bad, I played some chess against my friend again (yeah we're really getting into it). It took 6 hours to get to Du Bai and the food was good. I also started rereading the wind-up bird cronicle by Murakami. After a brief transfer at Du Bai we Finally made it to Bangkok. I didn't sleep on either flights so I was really tired.

We arrived in the afternoon and after helping my friends parents get to another airport we bought simcards with data on them. We gave our phones to the employee and he activated our phones for us. I was a bit skeptical and I had to peek. In the end he wasn't doing anything suspicious and was working on 4 phones at once. After this we headed to our hotel by metro, which was very cheap. A dollar or 2 to get to the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel, and having some issues with our booking with the hotel. We dropped our luggage and headed out for a late lunch. We ended up eating at this place called "Far north". The food wasn't bad but the dishes tasted the same. Also the kitchen was open and we were worried about the hygiene of that place. Spoilers: did not get sick the next day!

The next place we were headed to was a huge mall (I forgot the name). I forgot to bring my swimwear and was looking for some cheap ones. Else I couldn't swim at the hotel! After shopping around and buying my cheap swimming shorts. I actually hagled for the price by talking dutch to my friend about the price. The woman gave in and offered me a lower price!! woohoo;)

Our day ended in swimming at the hotel, eating some chicken rice street food and walking around the si lom area (There was this street filled with thai/japanese prostitutes).

Day 3:

Woke up very early around 7 and started to chat with some friends and browse reddit. After my friend woke up I wrote day 1-2 and went for a swim. I actually filmed most of the swim itself to test my new action cam. My stamina sucks currently!!

Anyways afterwords we went for some street food, I had this simple fried chicken wih rice and green curry. It was 50 baht which is about 1.25 euros. Sooo worth it!!

With a full stomach we headed to terminal 21. We walked around looking for a hairsalon. We had to wait half an hour before the salon opened so we shopped around and got a haircut. The haircut was nice. In asia I'm used to grtting a headmassage with my haircut which just makes it very relaxing.

Following the haircut and a ok lunch at TimHoWan we went to siam to do some shopping for my friend. He has to fix his watch and buy some shoes for his suit. Did I mention I'm going to a wedding? Oh well..

After shopping in siam paragon and the malls close to it. I headed out alone to the nerd mall filled with electronics(pantip plaza) and computer hardware. It was really nice seeing so much hardware. However the prices weren't as expected. All of the electronics were pretty much the same price as in holland. I asked around for prices but they weren't as lenient about it and it was usually the same.

Turning my geek mode off, I met up with the others at this foodmarket (Silom soi foodcourt 10). Sadly, most of the food stalls were closed. We ended up eating at this touristy place called mango tree. The food was good although pricey. It was about the same price as you'd expect in Holland. The masaman cuffy had lots of flavor!!

The last thing we did was to get a thai massage. We were about to head to this spa called health land spa. After turning the first corning from the restaurant we walked into this massage place. It looked decent and the massagers didn't look like prostitutes! We ended up getting the thai massage there and it was uhmm decent.. not as painfull as expected but that might be the quality there. That was my second day and I hope to visit a temple next!!

Day 4 Temple visit

  • Had food at foodcourt
  • Tzemo wanted to go to a mall, we went there wasn't much to do.
  • Afterwards we headed to chinatown
  • Got scammed by a tuktuk taking as to the most expensive tailor ever.
  • Got scammed again by taking us to a restaurant instead of chinatown, luckily it was closeby
  • Walked around chinatown they sold a lot of stuff but it was mostly the same and nothing interesting.
  • After walking around chinatown which is huge! we decided to split ecause I wanted to go to Wat Pho and Tzemo and his uncle weren't as interested.
  • Tried to get to Wat Pho, took ages. Walked around the whole palace getting lost
  • They were mourning the king
  • Finally got to Wat Pho, REALLY great!!
  • Walked around to find a way to get back to the city, ended up getting free food for some reason and I ended walking all the way back to Siam.
  • Meanwhile Tzemo found his shoes and belt and got a massage with his uncle.
  • We met up at the foodcourt and got some gyoza in Ramen, which were pretty decent
  • Ended up at the hotel with me and tzemo planning to go out
  • Went around some bars, first were filled with gay men. Which is not my preference. Others were filled with hookers... We ended the night after a few drinks. And a really good midnight snack!

Day 5 To Nan!

  • Woke up early to check out
  • Breakfast at foodcourt outside (pink something)
  • Left the luggage at the hotel as a service
  • NO CLUE WHAT WE DID... totally forgot!
  • Back at the hotel to get our luggage and go to the airport
  • When arriving in Nan we got picked up by Tzeman and Remies family
  • We arrived at this MK restaurant to have some diner
  • Arrived at Remies house to hang around a bit She had really adorabl cats!!!
  • Went to our hotel room to sleep

Day 6 Touring Nan

  • Woke up really early for breakfast
  • Touring nan with tzemo and his family
  • Seen too many temples
  • ended up at Remies house, I think I fell asleep there on the couch
  • Tzemo me, his uncle and cousin went for a 2 hour thai massage. IT WAS VERY RELAXING
  • Hung around had some food
  • Went to pick up Karl and Takman from the airport and getting my luggage
  • Karl and I checked in the hotel and we strolled around town for a bit. Even ending up at a bar/cafe to have a quick drink and play some chess.

Day 7 Wedding day

  • Woke up around 4 am
  • Dress up
  • Morning ceremony
  • No food
  • Ceremony by monks down stairs
  • Some breakfast
  • Lots of pictures
  • The "parade"
  • Tzeman had to do challenges
  • Long ceremony upstairs
  • Done with ceremony
  • Had lunch and changed outfits
  • Went to dhevaraj hotel where the official wedding started
  • Had to switch to a suit
  • Welcomed guests
  • Lots and lots of pictures
  • Ceremony started
  • Had to walk down the aisle
  • After the wedding we went to change
  • Met some people to hang out with and planned to go to a massage place
  • Ended up getting some food and the others got a massage
  • I went reading my book
  • Went back with the back of a truck
  • Wanted to meet up with jonathan but he was sleeping
  • Went to a nightmarket
  • Bar afterwards

Day 8 Back to Bangkok

  • Flight
  • Tzemie and parents were there
  • Boat was there
  • Flight wasn't bad, Takkie and I just played chess the whole flight score was 1-1
  • Back in bangkok we took a taxi to the hotel with Karl
  • Checked the hotel, it is pretty nice and really big!
  • Went to siam to some malls and shopping around
  • Chinatown to find takmans flute
  • Back to MBK mall to shop some more
  • Eating at a thai cuisine restaurant Karls treat!
  • Back to hotel doing nothing, karl leaving for airport
  • Takkie and I went around to get some drinks (I had beers, Takkie had colas)

Day 9: Bangkok with takman!

  • Slept in since we both didn't have a chance to sleep in for a long time
  • Foodcourt and shopping terminal 21
  • Meet up with Boat
  • Gyu kaku restaurant
  • Asiatique
  • Sky lounge, bar at scarlett

Day 10: Last day

  • Woke up around 9, pack up and brush up!
  • Went to a supermarket to ge some sweets, breakfast and gifts
  • Back to hotel to checkout