These are just some notes I like to type for myself when watching all the google i/o content. I use it for better memorization and easy look up.

NOTE: I don't write everything. Alot of stuff is either old or not interesting to me.

What's new in Android

  • Android 12
    • system colors using Theme.DeviceDefault
    • widget UI update for users (also new API for building widgets) (Check NOS)
    • Launch animation: New splash screen for every app (Customizable)
    • Notification new templates
    • Full custom remove views deprecated for notifications
    • Notification trampolines does not work anymore (Check NOS)
    • New Toasts design (app icon added)
    • Picture in picture animation update (New api)
    • Foreground servicces notification won't always show now
    • New api for Drag & drop;Copy & Paste;Keyboard Stickers
  • Blur effect added!! (Check NOS) (Check NOS)
  • Ripple effect has a sparkle now
  • Edge effect updated with stretch effect
  • AVIF support (Better than JPEG)
  • Automatically transcode fileformats not supported
  • Audio coupled haptic generator
  • Permissions
    • Bluetooth permission (Is not tied location permission anymore)
    • Location precision chooseable for the user
    • When requesting clipboard user, gets notified
  • New API for wear OS and upcoming new release

What's new in Google Play

  • 15% free instead of 30% for the first 1m dollars every year. (Earlier this year)
  • Better tools/analytics for engagement (Statistics -> compare to peers)

New tools to help you build safer apps on Google Play | Session

  • App quality checklist O_O

Build powerful, reliable apps with Google Play services | Session

  • Location is improved (Wrong side of the street) using building 3d models, gps data and machine learning

Todo for me

  • Play with Android 12
  • Play with system pallete in NOS/Jeugd
  • Play with new Launch
  • Check NOS android 12 compatibility